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Jun 20, 2014

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If you’ ve reached retirement and ut not have someone to share your life with, then it’ s time to make your love life more interesting. Senior dating is popular, and if you prefer to meet individuals like you who are also searching for love and companionship, it is time to join the mature dating market.

Still not convinced? Here are just a few of the many reasons why you ought to date again even at your age:

Sixty is the new 70. Retirees are no longer considered old. Thanks to financial independence, longer life spans, and better health as a consequence of remarkable advances in health a, many older adults can now lead active social lives and enter the mature dating scene.

You may never let age hamper you from enjoying life. It’ s true what they say – “ You’ re always as young as you feel. ” You have many more active years top find exciting personal human relationships. It is now time to travel with someone special. Perhaps you can play the game of golf cacahuette tennis. The best dates conscience mature couples often involve seeing new places and staying physically active.

You are in a stress-free life stage. The pressures of work and raising a family are way behind you now. You do not have to worry about the items that once consumed much of your energy. You at long last have the time to enjoy and relish meeting a new person.

Technology has made it faster to connect to other seniors in the mature dating scene. Don’ tau ever let computers and the world wide web scare you. Thanks to the web, this is the best time ever to be single and looking for mature partners in your age range. There are lots of profiles on-line, and one of them may belong to the future love of your life. Now that’ s truly magic.

Dating on-line is not for younger people any more, you will be amazed at how many senior citizens now use the internet to find themselves possède fitting partner. Try mature dating web sites where you are able to see profiles of other senior daters. If you like them, you can send them an email, eventually chat with them, and then meet them face to face.

All you ought to do to start is to create an online dating account, and then input personal points like your age, height, hobbies, hair colour, taste in music – there are quite a few options. You’ ll immediately see a listing of potential dates in the area you specified.

Scroll through, look at the profiles, check the photos, and if anyone Dating is growing and not only for the youth, lately there is période more and more large group turning to age dating. This approach to dating is good for individuals who imagine that they are way over the worthy dating age but still need to have the pleasure and enthusiasm that dating offers. Mature dating is particularly loved among men and women who seem to find themselves separated or whose spouses have departed, because they’ re searching conscience friendship for emotional support instead of just in the interest of sex.

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Mature online dating sites create more mature adults to the dating scene once again by letting them make new friends and establish new friendships. This is unquestionably useful for individuals who are interested to date and look conscience love again but don’ tau plan to rely on matchmakers from their family. Alternative ways of meeting people your actual age include the likes of joining social or religious organisations which allow you to mingle with like-minded individuals.

The internet can offer an infinitely more favorable way for you to look conscience an acceptable date that will fulfil your preferences. By signing up to online dating services, it is attainable to introduce yourself to other like-minded dame singles that are also looking for company. These dating services prove that love and friendship is just not solely suitable for the younger generation and that these too can jogging age along with other boundaries.

You may want to explore the choices that online mature dating can provide. Under no circumstances allow the misguided beliefs linked with dating destroy your want to have somebody by your side that can adore you and satisfy your wants unconditionally. Take your time in browsing through online dating sites and very quickly, you’ ll find somebody whom you can share love or flirt with. To start with, join right here at Mature and Dating, an online dating service which includes possède small amount of class.

By joining Mature and Dating, you can really unlock new doors to possibilities which allow you to freely explore and expand the oscillantes for love and companionship. This particular site implies that you can meet like-minded individuals in your overall vicinity which are considering some friendship with you. Mature and Dating lets you date and take part in more exciting human relationships while providing you with the greatest level of privacy. Start searching for people thinking about dame dating right here at Mature and Dating by exploring this website.

postheadericon The Journey Beyond Tyranny of Personal

“ Self is among the toughest plants that grows in the garden of life. ”
~ A. W. Tozer (1897-1963)

BOASTING and belittling of ourselves is a temptation of pride and we are all enticed. Whilst both are at opposite finishes of the spectrum, both occur due to the focus on self.

It can seem that boasting and belittling of ourselves is a highly noticeable thing where we prove yourself prone to one or both in the normal circulation of life. It’ s not really actually the case most of the time, especially with those who partake in analyses of personal (truthful or otherwise).

Many of us will do these things unconsciously. Others will obtain ‘ data’ through real life and assimilate it as being a performance record – “ Exactly how am I going? ” You will find reams of other ways we participate in this priory of self.


In emotional intelligence terms, there is great personal and interpersonal advantage in engaging in what I call the spiritual discipline of self-awareness.

There is less of a issue with this focus on self when there is self-awareness – when we are aware that we are usually boasting or belittle of yourself.

Indeed, as we become more and more self-aware we will take up the cudgels of God’ s correction – to spurn this focus on self (apart from what might be gleaned for self-esteem purposes) and use such focus to focus on others.


And I guess there is no use within spurning this focus on self when God intends us to use it to a certain extent to gain relief from belittling yourself.

But we must definitely know that as we journey with The almighty through his Word and via spending time with him in prayer our self-esteem tends to take care of by itself, because we are bathing in his Existence all the time.

The trip beyond tyranny of self takes a mark from a focus on God.

The more we focus on the things of God – to lose yourself in God – the more we lose interest in the things of the personal. This is truly a blessing. There is nowhere fast near the allure about the self, or even selfish things, when we bear believed for the things of God.


The journey beyond tyranny of personal takes its mark from a focus on The almighty. The more we focus on God the fewer burdens we carry to get ourselves and the lighter and more happy we come to be.

Concentrate on God. Focus less on the personal. There is blessing for such a re-alignment in focus.

© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

postheadericon General Tips For Dating!

As much as courting for most men seems to be an avenue in order to bed a woman, it doesn’ t usually work the same way with women. Men and women are built very in different ways, for starters, as a woman, dating is a thing that is almost mystical.

In each womanâEUR(TM)s mind, dating is the stage where she is thoroughly seduced and if she likes the seduction the girl ends up feeling very excited about the person taking her on not one, yet several dates before she commits herself to anything.

Most women test the way they feel during a date and use this as a system of deciding whether they guy these are seeing at that particular moment can be categorized as a one night remain, a guy to get into a fling with, a guy who is capable of a relationship or simply nothing at all.

If you are really interested in dating a woman and make her really want you, as a man, there are several things you need to take care of. Below are a few yet very important tips that will help you become the man every woman dies to go out on a date withâEUR¦

General Relationship Tips

No Difficulties with the Bill: For starters, whenever you are going out with a woman, see to it that the bill doesn’ t provoke any kind of issues. Avoid paying overly expensive for at item/service and make the payment seem as if it a simple detail of the date.

The woman you are dating must not find yourself feeling bad whether you associated with payment or not. Taking care of the costs is an issue that should only provide in the back ground.

Treatment Planning: as you prepare for the day, plan it in such a way that it becomes a date which is a series of various psychological levels, target aspects such as;


These are some of the most important ingredients of a great date. These are points you should carry at heart and arm with yourself when you are going out for that coveted date!

Take A Breather: If clearly any room in order to escalate any physical man-oeuvre, please donâEUR(TM)t. Take a chill pill instead. Women always like feeling like things just happened. No woman wants to feel as if everything was properly planned.

Unless you are the luckiest man in the world to take a lady on a date that carried sufficient experience in bed, you should try to enforce physical maneuvering on the first day.

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postheadericon Children with strong bonds to mother and father make better friends, can adapt within difficult relationships

What interpersonal skills does a three-year-old bring to interactions with a new peer partner? In the event that he has strong bonds to their parents, the child is likely to be a positive, responsive playmate, and he’ ll have the ability to adapt to a difficult peer by saying his needs, according to a new University of Illinois study published within Developmental Psychology.

“ Safely attached children are more responsive to recommendations or requests made by a new peer partner. A child who has experienced a secure attachment relationship with caregivers is likely to come into a new peer romantic relationship with positive expectations, ” mentioned Nancy McElwain, a U of I professor of human development.

In the study, the particular researchers assessed the security of child-mother attachment relationships for 114 children at 33 months, and mother and father reported on their child’ s temperament, including anger proneness and interpersonal fearfulness. At 39 months, children of the same gender were randomly paired with one another and observed over three laboratory visits in a one-month period.

Securely attached kids were more responsive to a brand new peer partner the first time they fulfilled, even if the new child was prone to anger. Kids with secure accessories continued to respond favorably on the second and third visits when the peer partner’ s anger was lower — but not when the other child’ s anger was high, the particular researcher said.

If a child is paired with a peer who is quick to become frustrated or angry, the positive social expectations of a child with a secure attachment are likely not met. The securely attached child may then adapt to the situation and dampen his responsiveness to the difficult partner, McElwain said.

“ A more securely attached kid was also likely to use suggestions and requests rather than commands and intrusive behavior (such as grabbing toys away) during play with an anger-prone peer during the first two visits. By the final visit, a child having a secure attachment had adjusted towards the controlling assertiveness of her anger-prone partner by becoming more controlling their self, ” she said.

The study showed that a child’ s i9000 level of attachment security, their partner’ s tendency to become angry, and exactly how well the children knew each other (earlier vs . later visits) combined to predict a child’ s behavior.

“ Behavior towards a peer partner depended at the partner’ s temperament as much as the particular child’ s own attachment. Concern of both factors in combination is required to understand a child’ s behavior toward a new peer, ” McElwain said.

The child’ s own temperament also performed a role in understanding her behavior toward new peer partners. Kids whose parents described them as socially fearful were less aggressive overall, she noted.

“ But don’ t confuse a difficult temperament with an insecure attachment. You may have a fussy infant, when you respond to him sensitively, he will develop a strong bond with his mother and father and will likely go on to enjoy positive, close relationships with others, ” she said.

postheadericon The Hole in My Heart

Cardiovascular sayings:

~ take a comment to heart

~ feeling a heart connection

~ a bleeding heart

~a heart-to-heart

~after my own heart

~absence makes the heart grow fonder

~ possess a change of heart

~eat your heart out

~a heart of stone; a heart of gold

~coming from the heart

These words don’ t refer to the heart physiologically, these people refer to it in an emotional state which can illustrate our strong romantic relationship between mind and body. While many in the healthcare community may not put a lot of stock in the strong connection between the actual physical and emotional, there are lots of metaphysical fans, including me, who do. This is a growing trend to accept just how much the thoughts and emotions significantly impact our physical beings.

Whenever I have a problem, a situation which is causing me grief, I get it to heart. What I do literally is sit in silence, as in yoga, and think of something positive, something which brings me joy. Usually I believe about my cat, Kali. After i am feeling love and joy for her, I visualize the heart in my chest begin to open and expand. This hole that begins to widen in my heart contains that love and joy I am feeling. Whenever I’ m all comfy with this joy, I take that problem situation or person and plunk it right down in the middle of that pit in my heart. My problem turns into all enveloped in that joy and love. But how does that help me?

With the problem resting in my heart, I begin to view it as an extension of myself, after which I am able to focus on creating compassion for the problem or person. Sometimes I am able to see and be familiar with reason for whatever happened even if it’ s some not-so-great behavior on their part. I’ m able to objectively see their reasoning even if it resulted in hurting me. I still don’ t have to be thrilled about this but I quit being disappointed and traumatized. The second thing that happens is the fact that I am able to get space from the issue… it’ s put into perspective which usually lessens its importance in my full and wonderful life. Absolutely nothing has happened to change the facts, yet I’ m calmer and happier. What’ s better than that?

My heart, not my human brain, has created the resolution to my problem. My heart is the brain of my well-being. It’ s an excellent organ, not just for the love which is created by it and radiated from it but for its ability to ‘ solve’ my problems. I can honestly state I have never ‘ solved’ issues more effectively. Give it a try.

On Valentine’ s Day, when you shop around and see this symbol of love everywhere, begin to think of your heart as a more powerful tool. The event I’ ve shared is just one small example of our hearts being at the core of how we think and feel. All the love and positive emotions created by my heart spread all through my being, and I am made better for it.

The Heartmath Solution by Doc Childre and Howard Martin is a wonderful book which will explain this concept and the benefits of accessing the power of your heart’ ersus intelligence.

postheadericon Courting in the Digital Age

I have a buddy who protested she didn’ to like the “ small talk” needed in early dating, and wanted to proceed straight to a relationship. You can use the internet, research your prospective date and learn everything you need to know about him, right? Incorrect. This is one process that you can’ t cut short. Period. It requires time to get to know someone, and while texting, ‘ friending’ and ‘ liking’ online may give you insight, there is absolutely no substitute for face-to-face.

End up being Authentic

So very first, understand that to date successfully your self-pride must be intact. If you don’ to like yourself, how do you expect someone else to like you? If you are so unconfident that you alter yourself to please your own date, then your date will not find out who the real you is till it’ s too late. Back in ancient days, teen magazines used to meal endless advice about changing your own interests to match his. Learn the guidelines of football. Try to like ale. It was all about pushing yourself in to a pretzel to please him. This really is simply not good for your own sense of self-worth, and not good for an authentic relationship.

This doesn’ to mean you should abandon any feeling of compromise or interest in another’ s pursuits. But it does mean you need to be your genuine self but not be worried about what your date will certainly think. After all, if he doesn’ t like your genuine self, after that it’ s time to move on. You will not have wasted a lot of time presenting a faux image of yourself only to find, when your real self comes forward, which you were not made for each other.

Don’ t Accept Less

Yes, the old standard of men asking women out will be passé, but don’ t allow this devolve into hanging out or even hooking up. You deserve better. This doesn’ t mean he has to invest a fortune on a fancy meal. But it does mean you should plan to make a move together that you both enjoy. Reveal an experience. Go to the art museum. Walk in the mountains. Just don’ to accept less than an actual date. If he can’ t live up to your own standards while dating, it will just deteriorate later on in your relationship.

Or maybe there won’ to be a relationship. Dating is an search to see if there’ s possible of a relationship. If, on your very first date, you’ ve already thought the wedding and how he’ ll try a tux, you’ ve just torpedoed the dating process. This doesn’ t matter how noisy your biological clock is ticking. Put it away for now. You can’ t depend on having good common sense when you’ re driven to get married.

Show Restraint

Maybe this is not your own strong suit, but now is the time for you to slow down. Calm down. Take it easy. Getting to know somebody takes time and effort. Do not rush the connection. If it continues, you will meet his friends, see his apartment, become familiar with his family. All in due time.

Likewise with sex. Make it an event to look ahead to, not something that’ t automatic and inevitable. Back in the heyday of hippies and the advent of the Pill, women sometimes felt these were obligated to have sex without much preamble. But it wasn’ t true after that and it isn’ t true now. Sex should be a joyous occasion with regard to both of you. Get to know each other physically, but only when the time is right.

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postheadericon Weeknesses and Dating

At the final dating workshop I taught, many people expressed the thought that they couldn’t bear to date again. “I simply can’t take any more hurt, ” lamented one woman. A man complained, “Putting myself out there only to get shot down another time is too much heartache. ” Letting yourself be vulnerable is risky. Yet, it does not take only path to love. If you don’t open your heart and allow you to ultimately be vulnerable, you close yourself off to love. There are ways to make weeknesses easier in dating. Here are some tips about how.

As individuals date, they can experience heartache plus vow not to be vulnerable once again. Some put up walls to try and safeguard their hearts. This sets them up for failure. When Mary selected Jack to marry, because he cherished her more than she loved him, not only did she “settle” but she falsely assumed that this was a guarantee against heartbreak. Unfortunately, this assumption didn’t hold up. Jack divorced her after three years of marriage, and Mary was devastated. Those with guarded hearts get hurt even worse than those with open hearts. In an attempt to avoid pain, they’ve chosen the incorrect person, not their soulmate. Making the decision based on fear, in this case the fear of getting hurt, is not supported in the world.

If you can alter your thoughts about being rejected, you can save yourself a truckload of grief. The truth is that there is no rejection, the particular wrong fit. So when your boyfriend breaks up with you saying he’s not really feeling it, instead of being devastated and assuming something is wrong along with you, understand that you simply weren’t right jointly. A door was being closed for you, so that you can be available when your soulmate arrives. No need to examine ad nauseam what you did wrong or dwell on what you are lacking. You did nothing incorrect, and you are not lacking. It would never have worked out, because he is not your soulmate. Trust that you get a soulmate who seem to can’t see past you and within whose eyes you can do no incorrect.

It is not honoring of another to drag old wounds or even insecurities into a date. Just because all women you’ve dated has cheated upon you doesn’t mean that this woman before you will behave in the same way. You owe it to her to go in with no presumptions and see her for who she actually is. Clean the screen of your eyesight from past dirt so that you can give each date a proper, unbiased chance. Also, leave behind stereotypes once you date. I have heard many men created off as “womanizers. ” Previously year, I have been to the weddings of at least three womanizers, who are today faithful and settled down. Labeling are not valid — no one can be reduced to a one word common sense. No matter what you’ve heard about a person or even what your initial perception may be, open to what you are to be to each other. In case you are his soulmate, he will leave his womanizing ways behind.

One compelling reason not to safeguard your heart (which as discussed, fails anyway) is that you can trust God to guard your heart for you. How? Every time fear about adult dating comes up, take the time to find faith within you, the part of you that understands you are protected. Envision yourself putting your heart right into the hands of the Universe for safekeeping. Then, look for the signs of support that happen. You will see them, and feel reassured.

Go into adult dating knowing that you can get over anything if required. If you have ever been in love and gotten over it when it didn’t work out, you know that you can recover again. Be ready to go through any grieving necessary in case things don’t work out. As long as you understand you can release, you know it’s alright to love freely. Yes, you must go through the pain of release if it doesn’t work out, but don’t lose the faith that you ultimately get like. We all get love, and you are no exception.

The soulmate that you long for is out there somewhere at this time. By being willing to stay open plus vulnerable, you expedite the process of calling forth your love.

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postheadericon Greatest Wedding Invitation Tips (Margaret Skyler White)

May sixteen, 2014

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Determine Your Wedding Style
The invitation is your guests’ first peek at your wedding style. Along with listing the location and day time, the invite — and, more precisely, the design — hints to the custom of your wedding. You will have a solid concept of the type of event you’ re throwing — traditional and sophisticated, or glam and fashionable — before you start looking for stationery, to help you pick an invite style that hits the same note. And then browse wedding invitation photos and stationers’ web sites plus collect inspiration so that you can give your stationer an idea of what you might like.

Know Your Colours
Consider your wedding colors too — you may want to integrate your colour tones and a motif into your themed wedding invitations and then carry both by means of your wedding paper (like the companion cards, menu cards and ceremony programs) for a cohesive look. While ivory, cream or white card stock paired with a black or gold font is the basic option for formal wedding invitations, additionally you can enhance your invites with vibrant or dazzling fonts, paper stock, envelopes plus liners. Just always keep readability in your mind when choosing your tones (keep reading through for more on that).

Play With the Form and Size
A 4. 5-inch-by-6. 25-inch rectangular card is the traditional size and shape just for wedding invitation cards. But partners are also channeling more playful or modern vibes with circular, scalloped and square invitations. Try to keep in mind: Veering away from the regular envelope size can improve the postage — cumbersome or extra-large invites may cost more to deliver.

Make Sure They’ lso are Readable
As you consider colors and patterns, don’ t are not able to remember the text — the facts putting on the invite is the whole point of sending it out from the start. Your local stationer can help, but usually, avoid light ink on lighting backgrounds and dark ink on dark backgrounds. Yellow and pastels are tough colors to read, therefore in the case you’ re choosing those, make sure that the background contrasts enough for the mail to pop, or function those tones into the style and not just the text. Additionally , be cautious about hard-to-read fonts similar to an overly scripted typeface — you don’ t desire to sacrifice legibility.

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Select Your Words Correctly
Learn the guidelines to terms your invite. Normally, anyone who is usually hosting is outlined first for the invite. Customarily, you ought to spell everything out, including the time of the ceremony. On traditional wedding invitations, there’ ersus always a demand range following the host’ s name — much like so and so “ request the particular honor of your presence. ” (Read Wording Invitation Samples for all the details. )

Don’ t Crowd the Card
List just the tips on your wedding invitation: ceremony period and location, the hosts, the particular couple’ s names, the dress code (optional) and RSVP information. Wanting to capture too much onto the invite card makes it harder to read through — also it won’ t appear as sophisticated. Make things like directions to your wedding venue and information regarding postwedding things to do for your wedding ceremony website and/or print them on individual enclosure cards. One bit of info that doesn’ t belong at anyplace on your suite: where you’ re subscribed. The solely approved destination to list registry details are on the wedding site.

Commence Early
Your save-the-dates must go out 6-8 months prior to the wedding. It can take between a few days to some couple of weeks — or additional time, depending on how fancy you go — in order to print them. Whilst your save-the-dates don’ t have to suit your invites, purchasing starting from one stationer can help you save money and make the invitation process easier on you. Therefore start scouting stationers 9 to eleven months before the wedding. Aim to get your invitations about four to five a few months out so they’ re willing to mail six to eight weeks before the wedding. When you’ re getting a destination wedding or marrying over the vacations, deliver your invites even previously (10 to 12 weeks prior to the wedding).

postheadericon Headaches during sex likely more common than reported

About 1 percent of adults report they have experienced headaches associated with sexual activity, and that such headaches can be severe.

But the actual incidence is almost certainly higher, according to a Loyola University Clinic neurologist and headache specialist.

“ Many people who encounter headaches during sexual activity are too uncomfortable to tell their physicians, and physicians often don’ t ask, ” said Dr . Jose Biller, that has treated dozens of patients for headaches associated with sexual activity (HAS). Biller is chair of Loyola’ s Section of Neurology, and is certified within Headache Medicine by the United Authorities for Neurologic Subspecialties.

Comedians have long joked regarding spouses avoiding sex by claiming to have a headache. But sex headaches are not a laughing matter, Biller said.

“ Headaches associated with sexual activity can be extremely painful and scary, ” Biller said. “ They also can be very frustrating, both to the individual suffering the headache and to the partner. ”

Headaches in general usually are caused by disorders such as migraines or tension-type headaches. But headaches also can be secondary to other conditions, and some of these situations can be life-threatening.

The majority of headaches associated with sexual activity are harmless. But in a small percentage of cases, these types of headaches can be due to a serious root condition, such as a hemorrhage, brain aneurysm, stroke, cervical artery dissection or subdural hematoma. “ So we advise that patients undergo a thorough neurological assessment to rule out secondary causes, which may be life-threatening, ” Biller said. “ This is especially important when the headache is a first occurrence. ”

Sexual activity is comparable to mild- to moderate-intensity exercise. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates first noted the association between headaches and exercise and sexual activity. And in 2004, the Global Headache Society classified HAS as a distinct form of primary headache.

Biller said men are 3 to 4 times more likely to get HSAs than women. There are three main forms of sex headaches:

• A dull ache in the head and neck that begins before orgasm, and gets worse as lovemaking arousal increases. It is similar to a tension headache.

• An intensely painful headache that begins during orgasm and can last for hours. It’ s known as a thunderclap headache, because it holds your attention like a clap associated with thunder. One of Biller’ s sufferers, who asked to remain anonymous, explained such a headache this way: “ Instantly, there was a terrific pain in the back of my head. It like someone was hitting me with a hammer. ”

• A headache that occurs after sex and can range from mild to extremely painful. The particular headache gets worse when the patient stands, and lessens when the person lies back down. This headache is caused by an internal leak of vertebral fluid, which extends down from your skull into the spine. When there’ s a leak in the liquid, the brain sags downward when the patient stands, causing pain.

Depending on the type of headache, certain medications can help relieve the pain or even avoid the headache, Biller said.

Individuals can reduce their risk of intercourse headaches by exercising, avoiding excessive alcohol intake, keeping a healthy bodyweight and counseling, Biller said.

postheadericon Interactions: How Can Someone Know If Their Interactions Are Dysfunctional?

There are people on this planet who are suffering from relationships that are functional and healthful. This might be how it has always been, or it could be the result of them making certain changes throughout their life.

On the other side of the spectrum is going to be people who are currently experiencing relationships which are dysfunctional and unhealthy. And while this can be the result of what has happened within their later life, it could be something they have experienced more or less their whole life.


So no matter what ones relationships are just like, they are likely to be what are classed because normal. If ones relationships are usually fulfilling, then one can feel pleased; that’ s if they were to even think about how things are to them.

When one has skilled something for a while or for their expereince of living, it can be easy to take it for granted. It is then ignored and rather than realising how fortunate one is, one can focus on what they haven’ t got for instance.

And if ones relationships are not fulfilling, one can seem like a victim or that they have no control. There is the chance that one will do something, and yet they might just endure how things are.

How life Is

In case one is in a position where they have at all times experienced healthy relationships, they might think that this is how life is. And that everyone else provides relationships that are as fulfilling because theirs.

And if one has always had relationships with others that are not fulfilling or just in order to relates to the opposite sex for instance, they might also believe that this is how life is. They might believe that everyone else is in the same position as them or just not location too much attention on people who are suffering from life differently.

The Challenge

So while some people will be aware of the fact that their associations are not healthy and therefore have the opportunity to do something about it, there are also going to be people who are not aware of how dysfunctional their particular relationships are.

And like the fish that doesn’ big t know it’ s in water, one will have relationships that they don’ t realise are unhealthy. This is simply not to say that one will be in refusal about how things are, they can be just too familiar with pain and episode.

What is can mean is the fact that one has not come to the conscious realisation that their relationships aren’t healthy. As a result of this, one is not able to know that there are other ways for associations to be.


The experiences that one has had with people will have created a certain perspective about what relationships are like. These may have shaped ones personal beliefs regarding relationships and about their own value.

So if one has only skilled relationships that are abusive, controlling, manipulative, cold and neglectful for instance, then this is going to be classed as the ‘ truth’ to their ego mind. And what the ego mind views as the truth will define just how one experiences life.

Anything that goes against the ego minds ideas will be filtered out in some manner. What the mind sees is what will be classed as familiar, and what will be familiar is what is safe. However , what exactly is classed safe could be harmful plus detrimental to ones wellbeing.

The Prison

One can then end up living in a self created prison and the possibility of seeing reality differently becomes not possible. In order for one’ s mind to see that there are other ways for relationships to become, one will need to expose themselves in order to things that will make their mind think differently.

For as long as one’ s mind is not challenged, 1 will continue to think in the same way and to therefore experience life in the same.


When new information is taken on board, it will be like a new seed that is planted; at first very little may occur, but as time passes, growth will be. What this new information will, is create an inner contrast.

And no matter what ones relationships are like, when they have seen they can be different, there is hope. What this particular then gives someone is the perception that change is possible and that they don’ t have to put up with how elements are.

But without these new reference points, one would be trapped in the prison that their particular mind has created over the years. This doesn’ t mean that everything will change immediately or that it even needs to, exactly what matters is that a new seed has been planted.

New Guide points

It is apparent that these new reference points won’ t just appear in one’ h mind, they need to be created. Which is going to mean that one needs to do elements they wouldn’ t usually do. Although one will need to accept just how things are, it doesn’ big t mean that they have to see their lifetime as anything other than feedback.

Their outer world is simply mirroring back what is taking place inside them. One way to create new reference points is to read books on relationships; this will alter ones inner model. Another way is to consciously look for people who have good relationships.

Ones childhood years play a large role in what their relationships are just like as an adult. So looking into exactly what took place here and questioning the beliefs that were formed, as well as processing any emotional pain, will make a difference.


Books can be read and courses can be taken, as well as reaching out for the support of a therapist, healer or even a coach. The main thing is that one modifications their inner model of what associations are like and how they deserve to become treated.

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