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There are times when you feel that you have almost anything, but have no-one real to talk about your bad times. Whatever you did to earn millions, it nevertheless lacks in getting you someone that can …

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  • SKATEskum:

    Any ideas are welcome appreciate your time and effort and persistence.

    no silly solutions please

  • Muzahid:

    Will it anger you we have billionaires and riches alongside together in the world with those who are grime poor? The size of wealth is expected for the very couple of. Something within the product is permitting the wealthy to obtain more potent. Is not there enough for those in the world?

    Any ideas?

  • The Dark Knight:

    I’m a girl, 19, living in a wannabe 1st world country, currently an unemployed university student.

    When I was young my family was relatively rich and we lived the rich lifestlye. We lost everything just before the crisis and I now live a casual/poor life. I never thought money was important, saw it myself that it was the last thing I’ve needed from my parents as a kid, but the older I get, the more I feel I was meant to be the boss and not an employee, someone who makes big bucks and lives the life he’s imagined.

    I’ve got the brains, the looks and the social skills to achieve it, yet living in this place (where I cannot complete my dream) and with my (nonexisting) assets it is hard to even imagine a life like that, better yet come up with a plan to achieve it and follow it. The people surrounding me have no clue such life even exists and they’d think I’m nuts if I told them about my millionaire dreams.

    Do you think it’s even healthy and achievable for me to dream to become a millionaire one day? Should I set a smaller goal instead, knowing that it’s not what I wanted? Like having a casual job and a loving, yet not-on-the-same-page partner? If yes, is it even possible for this dream, stuck in my brains to ever die? How do I surpress my thoughts?

    Thanks :)

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